About us

We are the European Network of Business Travel Associations and we call ourselves BT4Europe | Business Travel for Europe for short.

Across Europe business travel is of vital importance to businesses, public institutions and NGOs. We are the voice of those who buy business travel services and those who travel.


The European Network of Business Travel Associations is registered in Belgium as a non-profit association.

For organizational matters please contact our Board Executive Ms. Sophie van Haute:  sophievanhaute@bt4europe.com

For advocacy matters please contact Mr. Mark Watts, Partner at LPBrussels: markwatts@lpbrussels.com




The Executive Board is elected by the Annual General Meeting and consists of a Chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary.

Chair | Patrick Diemer, VDR
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Treasurer | Odete Pimenta da Silva, NATM
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Secretary | Daniella Berdin, AITMM
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Working Groups

BT4Europe has formed 4 working groups initially.

These focus on Sustainability, Digital Transformation, Economic Impact and Fact & Figures

Please contact us, if you would like to contribute to our working groups.


Founder members

Angela Lille

Austria, ABTA

Pascal Struve

Belgium, BATM

Jens Søndergaard

Denmark, DBTA

Sari Viljamaa

Finland, FBTA

Bertrand Lacotte

France, AFTM

Jens Schliessmann

Germany, VDR

Daniela Berdin

Italy, AITMM

Odete Pimenta da Silva

Netherlands, NATM

Carl Moltzau

Norway, NBTA

Juan del Rey

Spain, AEGVE

Fredrik Hermelin

Sweden, SBTA

Dominic Short

Switzerland, ASTM

Founder Partner

CDS Groupe

Affiliate Members


FCM Travel